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 My hiking trip catches

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PostSubject: My hiking trip catches   1/4/2017, 10:06 pm

I went on I short hike to a small desert-ish area to look for inverts by rock flipping and got a lot more than I thought so many that some I had to release to get more ill give a list of them at the end

Some earwigs for my terrarium

A caterpillar I found under a rock also for my terrarium

A small centipede can't tell whether he is a small adult or is just a baby. Would like help with IDing him and his diet comment anything you know about keeping them

Some isopods I found under a rock the big one is longer than a penny is wide

A JC I found at first I thought he was a giant grub when it was half underground think its a female will try to get more

This JC was my first and best find he was under the first rock I flipped at first when he was partially under I thought he was a giant grub! I think its a female but haven't checked will try to find more there and breed if I start breeding I will do a journal on that

This is an honorable mention to the ones I had to leave behind because I didn't have space for them:

A red weevil,some earwigs eggs and nymphs,And I millipede who smelled bad and I didn't have room for now I wish I had kept him

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PostSubject: Re: My hiking trip catches   1/4/2017, 10:13 pm

Nice Jerusalem Cricket!

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PostSubject: Re: My hiking trip catches   1/4/2017, 10:32 pm

Some good finds there. I am typically jealous of people's desert finds, however I am perfectly content with the North American species I get here I guess.
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PostSubject: Re: My hiking trip catches   1/5/2017, 12:04 am

Cool finds! Where'd you find them all?

The centipede is most likely adult or close to adult.  It is some sort of species in Geophilomorpha.  Keep it in a small container with at least 2 inches of moist substrate.  Not too moist though.  It should burrow, and should eat prekilled prey such as prekilled crickets.  You can experiment with small prey items as well such as springtails.  Nice finds!

Also, got closer pics of the isopods? Specifically the back end? I may be able to ID it.
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My hiking trip catches
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